Power distribution

It is only at DISTRO-DIRECT „powered by INDU-ELECTRIC“ that you are offered professional distros in the highest quality directly from the manufacturer. All around the world, companies and organisers have always trusted its quality products of INDU-ELECTRIC. We offer a wide range of distros, from schuko blocks, through mobile distribution boxes and 19-inch power distribution boxes to junction boxes.

stackable mobile distribution boxes

Power distribution boxes of this series can be perfectly stacked. Special fittings prevent the modules from sliding off each other. The integreted handles ensure a compact design. The power outlets are at the front and circuit-breakers are at the back. The projecting edge oft he enclosure protects outlets and circuit-breakers from physical damage.

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mobile distribution boxes

Users in over 68 countries worldwide appreciate the ruggedness, dependability, design and lifespan of our power distribution boxes. Their layout is designed for ease of use, with the power outlets at the front and circuit-breakers at the back. The housing’s edges protrude by 50 to 80 mm to protect outlets and circuit-breakers from physical damage.

8 products

Eventmaster EVM™

Whether at a company party, trade show or open-air event, with the Eventmaster EVM™ you are always on the safe side. Packing plenty of reserve power into its compact design, it forms the backbone of your event. The fully configured Power Distribution Boxes are available from 32A to 125A and offer numerous perfectly matched options. A range of practical features rounds off the package: digital ammeter, quick mains test, edge protectors, fully integrated handles, dual earthing system.

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19-inch power distribution boxes

Our 19-inch power distribution boxes made of THERMOLENE® unite an exceptionally high stress resistance and electrical safety with the flexibility of the 19 inch design. Totally insulated, they are extremely safe in use and can be supplied in any height unit size and with any equipment.

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briefcase distribution boxes

Handy, flat and lightweight: the key characteristics of the distribution boxes in briefcase format. Intended for indoor use, they can be flexibly equipped. In addition to the listed models we can quickly and reliably implement any required configuration.

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small distribution boxes

DISTRO-DIRECT powered by INDU-ELECTRIC offers a wide range of small distribution boxes. Our small distribution boxes in the type 10 and type 11 series, in particular, offer a large range of options for different combinations due to their modular design.

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Schuko block

The compact INDU-ELECTRIC power outlet block has been designed for superior performance. Its solid yet lightweight housing is completely unbreakable. Unlike socket strips the outlet block features a replaceable socket, making the INDU-ELECTRIC outlet blocks good value for money.

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Junction box

INDU-ELECTRIC junction boxes have been used successfully throughout the world for many years, even under extremely harsh environmental conditions. Like all of our distribution boxes, our junction boxes feature an exceptionally high mechanical stress resistance and a long service life.

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Solid Rubber Distribution Box

Our solid rubber distribution boxes are extremely rugged and reliable in use. Their circuit-breakers are arranged inside the housing for optimum protection and can be quickly and easily accessed through a hinged cover.

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