Safety & grid technology

Where safety is concerned, INDU-ELECTRIC offers a range of compact solutions for various application areas. These different systems use the right components in every case. We have a broad range of RCBOs, RCDs and PRCDs. Starting at 10mA and going up to adjustable digital devices, we supply equipment appropriate to the customer's needs. Similarly, we can also supply MMPS modules for mains monitoring and accessories such as lockable terminal boxes.

mobile RCD

Use our mobile RCDs for your mobile electricity supply. RCD circuit breakers are also referred to as residual current circuit breakers. In the case of intact electrical devices, the electric currents in the outgoing and return conductors are always the same strength. If an incident occurs, there is a difference between the outgoing and return current and the RCD interrupts the circuit completely.

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RCD Type MI - all-current-sensitive

The new „INDU-ELECTRIC RCD Type MI - AC/DC sensitive residual current protection.
Tripping on: 6mA DC and 30mA AC

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mobile meter

Our mobile meters consist of high-quality electricity meter with MID admission, wich is built into a schock-resistant enclosure made of self-extinguishing THERMOLENE®. The cables are equipped with plug and connector. The mobile meter can be plugged simply between the socket outlet and the consumer device and the calibrated meter will show the energy consumption.

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Phase monitor relay MMPS

The MPPS (Mains Monitoring Protection System) module from INDU-ELECTRIC meets all the requirements for portable protective systems, as set out in DGUV information sheet 203-006 (previously BGI 608). This meets the requirements for effective protection at small building sites and for portable electrical equipment. It is thus recommended by the employer's insurance liability association in Germany.

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mobile transformer

INDU-ELECTRIC mobile transformers are extremely rugged, lightweight and low-noise in operation, making them ideal for use in the entertainment industry. Our mobile transformers furthermore feature an exemplary safety standard. The built-in starting current limiter guarantees that the circuit-breaker is not tripped by high inrush current peaks.

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The PRCD-S is an all-pole switching portable RCD circuit breaker with electronic fault evaluation for use on socket outlets with unknown protection measures, enabling persons and electrical equipment to safely draw current from a feed point.

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Overvoltage protection SPB™

Overvoltages are voltage pulses above the permissible test voltage that can have a damaging effect on the affected electrical apparatus. It is not always advisable to install surge protection directly in the mobile power distribution box. Surge Protection Box SPB™ from INDU-ELECTRIC was developed precisely for this application. Having a modular design, the surge protector can be integrated at the required place in the installation directly at the input of the respective sub-distribution unit.

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Automatic Transfer Switch ATS

Take advantage of the benefits of our newly developed automatic transfer switches ATS: extremely compact and lightweight, automatic or manual transfer from main to substitute network, freely adjustable voltage values and times, voltage for both networks shown on display screen, unbeatable price/performance ratio

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