mobile meter

Our mobile meters consist of high-quality electricity meter with MID admission, wich is built into a schock-resistant enclosure made of self-extinguishing THERMOLENE®. The cables are equipped with plug and connector. The mobile meter can be plugged simply between the socket outlet and the consumer device and the calibrated meter will show the energy consumption.

- CEE 63A 400V 5P with 1,5m 5G16 H07 RN-F

- CEE 63A 400V 5P with 1,5m 5G16 H07 RN-F

electronic meter up to 100A, MID B&D admission with multimeter function

item number
ready for shipping:
September 2024
9.00 kg
size (LxWxH):
300 x 140 x 85mm

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