Power distribution box standing in the snow - INDU-ELECTRIC

THERMOLENE® – a benefit for every distribution box

THERMOLENE® was developed by INDU-ELECTRIC specially to withstand high machanical stresses at extremes of temperature - both high and low.

Power distribution box standing in the heat - INDU-ELECTRIC

Only at INDU-ELECTRIC are power distribution boxes made from THERMOLENE®.

Unlike other synthetic materials or rubber, our material is exceptionally resistant to heat transfer. Furthermore, THERMOLENE® is self-extinguishing!

In the light of the fact that wast heat is general by every single fus, cable or terminal, the optimal heat transfer guaranteed by THERMOLENE® becomes even more significant. It means we are able to guarantee the maximum resilience of our power distribution boxes even when they are operating under full load and at high ambient temperatures.

material characteristics of THERMOLENE®
operating teperature range         
-40 bis +80°C

flame protection
glow wire test 850C passed
EN 60309-1 (27.4)
EN 60439-3 (8.5.12)
test with an external flame
UL test according to UL 94 category B2
US specification (INDULENE®) category V0

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